Its so easy to set-up! Choose a topic, choose the teams and away you go (or your students). Choosing a topic (Some points to consider): The students should be able to relate to it. Provide information (newspapers, research time) so that the students can deliver a positive argument. Time constraints - how long do you have to complete your debate.

Example of a debate (example uses 3 students per team). SA: They will deliver the opening argument and the approach that their team are taking. SB: will deliver the body of the argument. SC: will recap their team''s argument. No new arguments should be added at this point.

Teams should take turns presenting each part of their argument. IE team 1 and 2 each have 3 students. The order should be like this: SA1 > SA2 > SB1 > SB2 > SC1 > SC2


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