The Classic Stations Game

ESL Activity: The Classic Stations Game:

This is great running game for young learners - heck I have even used it with 13/14 year olds!

What you need: Flashcards, but not always.

Place your flashcards around the room (attached to the wall with blu-tac, if possible). 4 is a good number for this game. Demonstrate to the students by saying the object and running to it. Then get the students standing and then say a word, the students must run to the correct flashcard or "station".

1) Play it in teams: either make it when the first person from a team gets to the station wins or when ALL the members of the team get to the correct station.
2) Q and A: Get the students to ask a question and go the correct station based on your response. Make sure the students become the teacher to get that oh-so important student to student interactivity.
3) Past / Present / Future: Have a station for each (Past, Present and Future). Say a sentence or ask a question in one of the tenses. Students run to either station based on the tense. Get the students to make up sentences and questions, too.
4) Last man standing: If students run to the incorrect station, have them sit down. The last student standing is the winner.

Additional resources for your lessons, including flashcards:

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