ESL Warmers

ESL Warmers are primary used at the beginning of an ESL lesson to get your students talking and ready to learn! These activities can also be used for language reinforcement in other parts of your lesson.

Run & Slap

A fun team game for younger ESL students. This activity is suitable for phonics.

Visual Mish-Mash

A fun game that can help your younger ESL students read and distinguish between the object and the word.


A fun ESL Activity for younger / beginner learners. It can be used as an ESL warmer, a language reinforcement activity of a fun final activity.

Yesterday I...

A simple activity for the ESL classroom that will help your students improve their memory and ability to create new sentences.


A fun activity to use in your ESL classroom. Best used for a follow-up activity with young learners.

Teachers Says

A fun ESL activity that is good when used as a warmer or a follow up activity for the ESL Body Parts Lesson Plan.

Marco Polo

A fun activity for younger ESL students. The classic game game be adapted to reinforce sentence structures and can also be used for phonics activities.


Pictionary is a fun game that, when used correctly, can get the students thinking and talking in your ESL classroom!

I Spy with my Little Eye

I used to play this, as a kid, on long road trips. Now, I play it in my ESL classroom. It's great for teaching adjectives and prepositions.


Charades is a fantastic TPR method to elicit responses from your students and its extremely easy to set-up.